Acknowledgements from exhibition curator

Molly O'Hagan Hardy, Cape Ann Museum Director of the Library and Archives

SOpening reception partyMolly Hardy with Joe Sousa (L) and Professor Carl Robert Keyes (R) at exhibition opening

The staff at the Cape Ann Museum made this work possible. Ronda Faloon and Martha Oaks could not have been more supportive or encouraging. I loved working with the CAM team: Leon Doucette made everything picture perfect; Meredith Anderson designed this beautiful catalog; Stephanie Buck, Linda Johnson, and Erik Ronnberg helped with research; and Courtney Richardson brought this work into the community. CAM volunteer and editor extraordinaire Peg Anderson provided the fine-toothed comb these essays needed in their final stages; all mistakes are my own.

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Sawyer Free Library. When Katelynn Vance arrived as archivist less than a year ago, she jumped right in; what a difference she has made in a short time. And the circulation desk was so agreeable as I put the North of Boston Library Exchange to the test, borrowing multiple books from every library on the North Shore.

Friendships formed in the archives are, like the materials themselves, worthy of careful preservation. How fortunate I have been to work with Stephanie Buck, my guide through the collections and my friend in the darkest hours of research. Peggy Calkins joined me about halfway through this project, which would never have been completed without her abundant goodwill, attention to details, organizational skills, and enthusiasm. Kerry Herrmann and I rediscovered a childhood friendship through this project, and I have treasured our long walks and meditations on how to animate forgotten histories.

I am blessed with friends near and far who have offered scholarly advice and moral support. I especially want to acknowledge Michael B. Winship, friend and mentor, who encouraged me from the start and gave me sage advice and great research tips along the way.

I am thankful for my siblings Joshua Hardy and Kate Bonilla and their beautiful families. They pretended not to mind when I missed summer afternoons on Good Harbor Beach to visit the archives, or when I gassed on at family dinners about my encounters with Cape Ann history. None of this work would have been possible without more support than I can enumerate from my mother, Bonnie Cook Hardy, and my late father, John D. Hardy.

I dedicate this work in loving memory of my grandmother, Ruth Transue Cook of Gloucester, who first taught me the presence of the past.

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