Sandy Bay Historical Society & Museums

40 King Street, Rockport, MA. Photograph by Steve Rosenthal

The Sandy Bay Historical Society and Museums, Inc., is a nonprofit 501c3 organization, recording and interpreting Rockport’s history. The Society sees itself as trustee of the town’s heritage. Its purpose is the collection, preservation, exhibition and dissemination of materials relating to the history of Rockport, Massachusetts, through the maintenance of a library, the operation of museums, the publication of documents, the organization and promotion of public events and observances, the involvement and encouragement of students and young people in its programs, the sponsorship of lectures and educational programs, the presentation of awards and other appropriate activities.

The primary collection areas of the Sandy Bay Historical Society and Museums are those which reflect the patterns of 1) Rockport residents, 2) other Cape Ann communities, especially Gloucester–Rockport relationships, 3) the Essex County area, 4) such aspects of state and national social history as had a notable impact on the people of Rockport and 5) the genealogical and family histories of this immediate area. The museum houses personal letters, books, paintings, photographs, clothing and memorabilia dating from the late 1600s to the present.

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